Facilities & Development

The University has enough lecture rooms that are spacious and well ventilated. Each lecture room is well furnished and is capable of accommodating more than 50 students; many of the lecture rooms hold up to 95 persons whilst three lectue rooms which are used for large classes do accommodate between 150 and 200 students.

The lecture rooms have been provided with public-address and IT equipment which make it easy for teaching and learning and do assist students to make presentation of their term projects and assignments. The lecture hall complex is a series of two-storey buildings joined into a single block. The offices of the heads of departments and faculties and all lecturers can be found in this block. The building also houses the university library, the clinic, the counselling office, the computer laboratories and the separate Internet café. All offices have Internet connections and the computers have been networked.

The University has a spacious library which provides students the opportunity to access about 9000 volumes of reference materials and audio-visual tapes, CD-RM and VCD/DVD learning mterials and software.

The university IT Centre has a large number of PCs connected to the Internet which serve as e-library for research work and accessing textbooks and journals  online.  The Centre also serves as typing pool for term papers and long essays or master’s theses.

To ensure that its students and staff are fit at all times, IUCG has established a mini sports complex made up of a basketball, volley ball and table tennis courts for use by students. A qualified sports instructor trains students to unearth their hidden potentials.

The IUCG Mosque adds an Islamic touch to its campus environment. The mosque is spacious, well ventilated and provides an enabling atmosphere for observing prayers. Daily and weekly (Jummah) prayers are observed in this mosque, which is capable of accommodating about 500 people.

The University has a catering unit can conveniently accommodate 300 people. Students can buy hygienically prepared and served food and drinks of fairly good quality at reasonable prices from here. The IUCG Clinic is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the section operates in conformity with health and quality standards.

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