Students Dress Code


dress code

All students are required to dress decently by means of an intelligent selection of fashion which does not violate the Islamic character of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG).


The deliberate wearing of torn or patched jeans (both sexes), transparent and short skirts that reveal ones Awrat (nakedness) is not be tolerated. Acceptable dress for Muslim services and formal public occasions, either national or international costume that does not violate the dress code guidelines below is encouraged.


Dress Code for Female Students

  • All females students are required to wear Hijab (head cover) on campus
  • Wearing of business suits with trousers or long-skirts/slits is highly encouraged
  • Transparent, sheer, sleeveless, bare-back or tight-fitting blouses and sweaters are not allowed. Also, tight-fitting skirts and trousers are not permitted
  • Dresses with low neckline or which do not fully cover the breasts, belly and armpits are not permitted
  • The hair shall be well covered with a veil of any type, provided it is decent and fully covers the hair at all times
  • Use of excessively large or distracting or flamboyant veils is not allowed


Dress Code for Male Students

  • Wearing of business suits or traditional long-flowing dress is encouraged
  • Male students are not to wear earrings
  • Wearing of trousers or belts lower than the waist level is prohibited
  • Perming and relaxing of hair, hair-braiding and use of unnatural hair colour are not allowed
  • Simply hair must appear decent

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