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Welcome to IUCG

Knowlegde, Faith & Service

Welcome to IUCG

Knowlegde, Faith & Service

IUCG at a Glance

Glance through the University brief facts to know more about who we're.

Brief History

The University has come through tremendous milestones to provide excellent education to students for over a decade.

Vision, Mission, & Philosophy

Read about our vision, mission, and educational philosophy to know what we stand for.

IUCG Governance

IUCG Governance information explains the leadership and management of Islamic University College, Ghana.

Facilities & Development

We've invested in a modern lecture hall complex that houses our IT Centre and Library to develop our students.

Partners & Affiliates

We highly value our partners and affiliates for bringing academic collaborations and higher education experience to our students.

Policies, Rules, & Regulations

IUCG has a number of approved policies and rules that the university, staff and students should hold fast to.




IUCG Alumni

Knowing about the group of persons who make up our alumni community.

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