Department of Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies was established in year 2011 and it is headed by Mr. Ato Amoaning Annan.  The faculty was granted accreditation from January 2011 by National Accreditation Board to run Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) programme.

It is affiliated to the School of Information and Communication Studies of the University of Ghana, which issues certificate for the Bachelor of Arts  in Communication Studies degree earned by graduates of the faculty.

The faculty offers Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies degree with JournalismPublic Relations, and Advertising options.

The programme is designed to offer the requisite training for students who intend to work in the various fields of the mass media and other areas of communications studies. The fields of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising are among the most rapidly growing areas of employment for the youth in Ghana today. The proliferation of the print media and radio stations across the length and breadth of Ghana is unprecedented.

A lot of television stations are also springing up. Regrettably, the human resource to man these important areas is either lacking or inadequate. This is particularly so when one considers the fact that the first degree awarding programmes in Communications Studies in Ghana are virtually non-existent. The job market for graduates in Communications Studies is sprawling. Graduate placement is, therefore, quite assuring.



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