Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration which was established in 2002 is accredited by National Accreditation Board and affiliated to University of Ghana Business School is headed by Mr. Alhaji Yusuf Ahmed Hamdan.  The faculty is currently running 5 business administration options at the bachelor level. Graduates of the faculty are awarded the degrees and certificates of the University of Ghana, Legon.


The faculty aims to produce highly-qualified personnel who can provide cutting-edge solutions to the evolving and complex competitive business environment. Also, inculcates into its graduates the moral and socially-desirable values of honesty and integrity, excellence, creative and critical thinking.


The faculty offers Bachelor of Business Administration degree with AccountingBanking & FinanceMarketingHuman Resource Management, and Management Information Systems options.


The graduates of Faculty of Business Administration are being employed by the banking and non-bank financial institutions, central and local governments, public-sector and private-sector business firms, educational institutions and several other business as financial analysts and consultants, credit analysts, managers-in-training, personnel and human resource managers, tax assessors and collectors and development planning officers, etc.


Some graduates struck out on their own as entrepreneurs in production and service businesses, whilst others continue their education into master’s and doctoral degrees.  Informal and formal reports on the graduates of the fcaulty from their places of work speak favourably of their ethical behaviour, spirit of team work, general performance and work output.


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