Freshers Guide



This document sets out the policy of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) regarding student fees and charges. Underlying this policy is IUCG’s mission of providing quality tertiary education to the youth, especially those from less-privileged communities. This policy is thus founded on the principles of flexibility, accessibility, affordability and quality service. In order to provide high quality tuition and maintain the required high standards, the IUCG as an institution with the lowest fees and charges in private tertiary education relies on prompt, full payment of fees in order to operate.


All students are required to pay their fees promptly and in full. Failure to pay fees by the due date shall have consequences including automatic deferment for the academic year. Registration of courses shall be for two weeks after school reopens for each academic year. There shall also be a period for late registration as may be determined by Management.

Students who were hitherto pursuing programmes with lower fees but have applied to pursue programmes with higher fees will be required to pay up the difference in fees before their application is approved. This is to ensure fairness and equity.


Students are required to pay at least seventy percent (70%) to be eligible to register for their courses for the semester. The remaining thirty percent (30%) must be paid before the end of semester examinations. A student is only qualified to write exams only after he’s paid up his complete fees.

Students who, for whatever reason, are not able to follow this payment plan are required to contact the Finance Office and agree on a payment plan that is favourable to the student as well as the IUCG. Otherwise, the student will not be eligible to continue.


Students who fail to pay their fees within the registration period shall be required to pay penalty for late registration. Late registration shall attract an automatic penalty of one hundred Ghana cedis (GHS 100) and ten Ghana cedis (GHS 10) for each additional day that passes by until the period of late registration expires.

It is required that final year students pay their fees in full before writing their final exams. Where they are allowed to write their exams with some fees being in arrears, they will be required to pay before their results before their results are processed for graduation. In the meantime, the amount in arrears will attract a penalty to be determined by Management.


A student shall not have access to IUCG facilities unless he has paid his fees. These facilities include lecture halls, library, Wi-Fi, Hostel, among others.

For final year students whose fees are in arrears, their results will not be processed for graduation. The results will only be processed after they have paid up their fees. Consequently, they qualify for graduation only after they have paid up and their results have been processed.


A student shall be entitled, subject to this policy, to a refund of his fees where the student is unable to continue his studies for a particular academic period. Such student must apply to the Vice President, Finance and Administration for refund.

A student shall have a refund of 100% where he is unable to continue before the academic period begins; and 50% within one month. A student shall not receive a refund a month into an academic period. All refunds are subject to a deduction of 5% for administrative charges.

Payment Information

Students may pay their fees using any of the following means:

  1. Cash payment at Bank
    1. GCB Bank

Account Name: Islamic University College, Ghana (Through Eagle Pay)

  1. Stanbic Bank

Account Name: Islamic University College, Ghana

  1. Mobile Money Payment (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelMoney)
    1. Dial *718*25*709#
    2. Enter Student ID number (Your name and student ID will pop up to confirm your identity. Kindly check to ensure it is correct).
    3. Enter amount to be paid. Please note that service charge applies.
    4. Authorise payment upon receipt of the service provider’s prompt.
    5. Enter pin number to authorize payment.
  1. Online payment (Visa, Mastercard, Mobile Money)
    1. Enter the URL in your browser:
    2. Enter and confirm student ID number
    3. Enter amount and select payment option
    4. Enter required details for payment and click on “Pay”
    5. Complete payment by confirming the payment request from your service provider. You will be required to enter your pin code. Make sure you have enough money in your wallet.