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An alumnus of Islamic University College, Ghana Honoured

An alumnus of Islamic University College, Ghana, Assistant Superintendent Razak Mohammed, is among six Immigration officers who were honoured for rejecting ยข25,000 bribe. Mr. Razak's dedication and commitment to duty and his selfless service was given a boost at IUCG as he was very active in student activities on campus. This saw him serving the SRC as Hakim Ilahi Hall President; a duty he discharged creditably.
At IUCG, we pride ourselves in offering Academic Excellence which is spiced with Moral Uprightness.
IUCG extends it message of congratulations to Assistant Superintendent Razak Mohammed for practicalizing IUCG's cherished values of moral uprightness and integrity.
IUCG is proud of you

Asst Sup. Razak Mohammed

Assistant Superintendent Razak Mohammed is third from left.



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