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UCG Debate Society holds fresher’s championship debate As part of efforts to cultivate in students democratic culture and leadership; improve their public speaking skills and confidence, and strengthen students analytical skills, the Islamic University Debate Society (IUDS) organized a Debate Championship among students.   Key activities observed at the championship Read More…

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The IUCG Staff Welfare Association is formed to promote solidarity and mutual cooperation among members of staff and to assist and support members on the following occasions: (a) bereavement (b) marriage (c) outdooring (d) serious illness and hospitalization (e) departure on retirement or transfer…


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MPhil Islamic Studies (Qur’anic Exegeses and Science)

MPhil Islamic Studies  Last Updated: 01 September 2015   The IUCG offers Master of Philosophy in Islamic Studies with Qur’anic Exegesis and Science concentration. This is a highly research study master’s programme that equip students for doctorate study and future career success.  The MPhil programme is under an affiliation agreement Read More…




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Welcome to IUCG e-Learning Portal For access to course materials, quizzes and assignments, students must to login with their iCampus Usernames and Passwords STUDENTS For administration and course management, login with your credentials.  ADMIN & LECTURERS     E-LIBRARY E library Get access to millions of e-books, journals, thesis and Read More…

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