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The IUCG offers Master of Philosophy in Islamic Studies with Qur'anic Exegesis and Science concentration. This is a highly research study master's programme that equip students for doctorate study and future career success.  The MPhil programme is under an affiliation agreement with Al-Mustafa International University, Qom, Iran. Graduates of the university are awarded the degrees and certificates of the Al-Mustafa International University.


The requirements into the MPhil programme is a first degree in Religious Studies from a recognized University or graduates of any other degree programmes from recognized Universities. For candidates without degree in Religious Studies, evidence of a four-year programme in an Islamic Seminary (with good grades) will be an advantage and knowledge of Arabic language. A pass in an entrance examination and an interview. Contact the academic affairs office on +233 (0)30 2824 072 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for admission information.


Degree awarded: Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Islamic Studies
Degree awarded by: Al-Mustafa International University
Workload: 67 Credits
Duration: 2 years


Core Modules

Code Module                                                    Credit
ISRS 601       Qur'anic Science I 2
ISRS 602 Qur'anic Science II 2
ISRS 603 Islamic History 2
ISRS 604 Subject Commentary 3
ISRS 605 Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence 2
ISRS 606 Islamic Jurisprudence 3
ISRS 607 Selected Qur'anic Commentaries 2
ISRS 608 Comparative Kalam (Theology) 2
ISRS 610 Research Methodology 4
     - Seminar Presentation 6
ISRS 600 M.Phil Thesis 30


Elective Modules

Code Module Credit
ISRS 609 Qur'anic Jurisprudence 1.5  
ISRS 611 Basis of Understanding and Criticism of the Hadith 1.5  
ISRS 612 Qur'anic and Humanity Sciences 1.5  
ISRS 613 Qur'an and the Orientalists 1.5  
ISRS 614 Criticism and Assessment of Hadith Commentary 1.5  
ISRS 615 Qur'an and the Other Divine Books (Torah and Bible) 1.5  
ISRS 616 Contemporary Religious Issues in West Africa 1.5  
ISRS 617 Methods of Propagation in the Contemporary World 1.5  
ISRS 618 Commentary on Difficult Verses of the Qur'an 1.5  
ISRS 619 Current Debate on Knowledge of Commentary 1.5  
ISRS 620        Analyses of Methods and Schools of Thought of Commentaries        1.5
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