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Reasons to Come STUDY at IUCG

1. Seasoned and qualified academic and administrative staff: IUCG engages only the service of seasoned lecturers and professionals with track record of achieving satisfactory results for duties.

2.Academic excellence and moral uprightness: students of the IUCG are trained not only to be academically good, but are also imbued with the necessary ethical traits of honesty, trustfulness, open-mindedness, dignity of labor etc.

3. Moderate fees – The fees charged With flexible payment plan: The fees charged at IUCG are about the lowest among those charged by other private universities. Also, the terms of payment are flexible.

4.Modern facilities for teaching and learning: To create a serene atmosphere for quality teaching and learning, the IUCG has, among other things, set up a state-of-the-art radio studio for practical training of students.

5. Secular curriculum (approved by NAB, UG/Legon, and UEW): This ensures that IUCG delivers academic programmes similar to those to be found in every other university (public or private) in Ghana. English Language is the medium of instruction. As an Islamic institution, IUCG gives opportunity to all students (Muslims, Christians, and others) to learn basic Arabic, but Arabic Language is not a medium of instruction.

6.Industry-Oriented Curriculum: The IUCG Curriculum for each degree programme is centered on practical education with rigorous academic study and research so that its graduates would require little or no further training to get started on a job in their area of study. The compulsory study of Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Management makes it possible for IUCG graduates to stake out on their own in business of interest.

7. Industrial attachment: Aimed at bridging the gap between the industry and the academia, IUCG student undertake internship with reputable organisations during the semester break for practical training to sharpen their skills.Reasonable Faculty-Student Ratio: This makes intellectual engagement between students and lecturers more interactive and effective.

8. Reasonable Faculty-Student Ratio: This makes intellectual engagement between students and lecturers more interactive and effective.

9. Scholarship for students with good academic standing: At the beginning of each Academic Year, the Best Student in each academic programme is eligible for scholarship for that year. This is to instill in students the need to strive for academic excellence.

10. Resident permit for international students: The University Secures residential permit free of charge for its international students.

11. Religious freedom: the IUCG community is a diversify one; it members, junior and senior alike belong to one religious, political or ethical grouping or another. Despite this diversity, its members live together harmoniously. As part of its measures to promote peaceful religious co-existence in Ghana the University has introductory course in Islamic, Christian, and ATR faiths to ensure students acquire basic knowledge of the religious beliefs of the above religious groupings.


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