About Us

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

The vision of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) is to become the leading provider of academic excellence and moral uprightness in tertiary education in Ghana.


The mission of the IUCG shall be to provide quality tertiary education to the youth, especially to the less-privileged communities; and to undertake research and disseminate knowledge in pursuit of academic and moral excellence for national development and for improving the quality of life for Ghanaians in particular and all Africans in general.


The educational philosophy of the Islamic University College, Ghana (IUCG) is based on the vision of the founders, and is aimed at inculcating into students the moral values of honesty, integrity, peaceful coexistence, fear of and trust in the Almighty God.


Imparting to the students the socially-desirable values of humility, care for the poor and needy, perseverance, and service to community and the nation. And to produce graduates who can apply creativity, critical thinking, innovative and problem-solving skills with the right temperament in addressing the socio-cultural and economic development aspirations of Ghana and the African continent, especially of the deprived and marginalized rural societies.

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